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Topsie VandenBosch is a Mindset Business Coach for female entrepreneurs, who are struggling with negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves as business owners, and who are ready to turn their inner critic into fearless confidence.

She helps them identify and replace negative thoughts, feelings and self-sabotaging behaviors with grace filled truth, confidence, and positive beliefs that will keep them moving closer to their dreams for their business. With 7 years of experience as a licensed clinical therapist, and certifications that she's received for her expertise in working with different client populations, her skillset makes her more than qualified for understanding just how important a healthy mindset is to not just running their business, but their life overall.

Topsie added business mindset coaching as another facet of her  business because she believes that women are a powerful force when they help each other. She realized that she wanted to be able to serve women in another big way- which is to remind female entrepreneurs, who may have forgotten, of their God given talent and abilities, and to empower these women with the tools to navigate the mindset blocks that will be present throughout their entrepreneurial journey.


Topsie VandenBosch is a Mindset Business Coach for female entrepreneurs. She helps empower women with the tools to identify and navigate the negative thoughts, beliefs, and self sabotaging behavior that may be present during their entrepreneurial journey. She has 7 years of experience as a licensed clinical therapist working with different client populations, and so the skill set she acquired during her career makes her more than qualified for understanding the importance of a healthy mindset for not only their business, but for their lives overall.