I feel like I have the tools to start.

“I had no idea where to start before this workshop. I recommend it because it was full of information that I would never have known or figured out for myself except after months of trial and error. It gives specific steps and ideas for how to build a successful practice all in one workshop. And, it was fun!”

-victoria fisher, outpatient therapist


I will be more confident.

“I will be more confident and focused - I will work harder and know that when I walk into a room I deserve to be there and I deserve to win. My clients will see benefits and, in turn, so will I because I will not be afraid to showcase my history of winning (which was NOT luck) and demand what I am worth!”

-somer brown, attorney


Topsie is so approachable.

“I truly enjoyed Topsie’s laid back and open demeanor. She made it easy to feel comfortable and ask questions. Topsie is so open about what she went through and what she learned as her practice grew. Her personal experience is so valuable and the fact that she is willing to share what she knows is priceless.”

-Tracie webb, psychologist


I’m going to stop playing small.

“I'm going to stop playing small! I'm going to trust my decisions and have those hard conversations without internalizing them. Because its about business not about me personally!”

-kaja thornton hunter, founder of overcoming barriers


It answered so many questions.

“I enjoyed meeting other clinicians and the diversity amongst degrees. We all work with different populations but had a common goal. It was nice to get different perspectives. It answered so many questions I had about the whole process on going out on my own.”

-Iesha collins, Psychologist (LLP)


Topsie is courageous.

“I learned the nuances of running a practice while meeting other professional women. I feel more prepared. Topsie is courageous. Unafraid. She refuses to live with fear. Her example made me look at the scared parts of myself and gently walk them to the door.”

-Michelle wellman, psychologist