How The Root of Your Money Issues ARE the Problem

So lets talk about your relationship with money as an entrepreneur...

I notice that a lot of the biz owners I talk to have really awful thoughts about money and what it means to them.

What I mean by that is that they don’t realize how NEGATIVE they are: calling themselves poor, broke, etc. In reality, without knowing allll their biz regarding their bills, they aren’t living on the street, they are able to buy groceries, and some drive really nice cars. These are people that I know personally, by the way.

So, what’s good? Why is it that even though we have a lot of things people literally would DIE for, we still speak that way about our finances? Why do we still hold on to this scarcity mindset when we are actually surrounded by abundance in so many ways? It narrows down to a few reasons (out of many):

1. What our parents taught us.

2. The environment we grew up in.

3. Our spiritual/religious beliefs.

4. Our stubbornness and willingness to accept a different belief system regarding money.

5. Unhealthy current ways of managing the money we have.



do we still hold on to this scarcity mindset?

So I wanna know from you-what types of beliefs do you have about money? Where did it come from? Drop your thoughts below girlfran…