Not Feeling Like Showing Up Online? YOU NEED TO READ THIS:

Just show up. There’s no magic formula.

How to show up on social media for your audience when you don’t feel like it...keep reading boo.

💡Easy. You just show up. Sorry love, there’s no magic formula.

Think about all of the greats, whose products you consume. My dream car is a Tesla. If Elon Musk decided to not be creative, I wouldn’t have that car to daydream about.

On a smaller scale-think about the businesses whose services you buy on a daily basis. If those founders would’ve decided not to show up to make, create, wouldn’t be able to enjoy what they have to offer.

The answer is easy: it’s not about you. Never was. Never will be.

Your people need you to show up. So, buck up. Do what you have to do to get in the zone of creativity. Don’t force it, but trust will come. And if it doesn’t right away, it will. Give it time. I wanna hear your thoughts on this below if this resonated with you.

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