The Three Friends of Fear

Are you keeping up with my Instagram stories? If not, what are you even doing with your life?

Recently on my IG stories, I talked about an issue that is plaguing a lot of people in my circle especially those who are in the working world in some capacity whether that’s a 9-5 or a side hustle. I’m here to share more with you so that you can watch for this creeping up in your own life and career:

The 3 friends of fear:

What shame says is I’m a bad person, I suck, I’m bad at business. I’m not good at this (whatever “this” is).

Silence says it’s better for you not to share, not to show up, not to speak your mind.

Low self esteem says you’re not good enough, the market is saturated.

It’s vital to understand and recognize the friends of fear. Don’t let them take over. Stop hiding, get visible. The world needs what you have to say love. Tell me if this helped you down below…