Doing These 3 Things Will Make You Bank

You attend a conference. It’s great. You’re jazzed about it. And then you get home and……crickets. 

It’s not enough to just attend these events, get a momentum boost, feel empowered and then do nothing with that fire. I am still living for the #paystobebrave conference (hosted by Angie Lee) that I attended and have been intentionally working to channel that excitement into my life and my business. Here are 3 things I’m doing to keep that focus: 

Instead of just mindlessly consuming (aka scrolling on the gram or getting lost on YouTube) I am working to create more than I consume. This can look different no matter what you do for work or even your side hustle but is a good check and balance for what’s taking up your time, attention, and energy. 

Cultivating relationships after events like this is h-u-g-e. I am staying connected with the women that I met there through social media but also by taking a step beyond that and interacting on their posts, reading their content…the algorithm is rude we all know that so what really counts is the effort you’re pouring into interaction with your audience and the people you follow.

I have been watching for gaps in my business-essentially areas that I would like to improve on. The excitement helps give the energy I need to tackle these areas of my work. 

What are some things you have been doing to get or stay motivated when you’re super excited or inspired? Share your thoughts below girl…