3 Powerful Ways To Preventing Self Sabotage

Slow ya’ roll, slow ya’ roll boo thang…

I know what you’re doin’. You’re distracting yourself from your worries…

You’re worried that you aren’t targeting the right clients. You’re concerned that people are secretly laughing at you. You’re fearful that everything you have accomplished in your biz will fall apart (even though there’s no evidence of that)

But what you are not doing are the 3 Powerful Ways To Preventing Self Sabotage. So here they are:

1-You need to be working with a mentor/coach on having a firm, unwavering faith that you are on the right track. That’s one of your first problems. 

2-Address your issues with self confidence. You need to believe that you are enough just as you show up in your business. Thassit. No secret sauce needed here. 

3-You’re being cheap (yup, I said it) and you’re hesitating on making those huge investments in your biz that could take you to the next level. All you know is that you don’t like to spend money. 



Address your issues with self confidence. No secret sauce needed here.

Intentionally focus on these areas and you will end this senseless, exhausting rat race in your mind. Let me know how these suggestions sit with you in the comments boo!