Overcoming Your Fears Might Cause This to Happen:

Girl. Imma need you to make a plan, right here, right now, to over come your biggest fear.


Wanna know why? BECAUSE LIFE AIN’T PROMISED BOO. Hate to be morbid, but we only get one life.
I overcame my 3 biggest fears this year:

1. Fear of flying-I’ve flown to 2 countries and 5 different states in the last 11 months. Turbulence? Yea, ya girl doesn’t care much about that anymore either.

2. I launched my first workshop! I loved hosting my first Private Practice Workshop. Super successful and so much fun. It gave me a world a confidence I didn’t know was possible.

3. Did my first speaking engagement at this all day conference for female boss babes. Spoke for 45 minutes too. Woulda never thought in a million years I would do that. Ticked that off the list too.
So, my question for you is this:

What fear are you gonna knock out the park? Lemme know so I can support you boothang…