Making This ONE Mistake May Change Your Career For The Better

“It uncovered so many dreams I didn’t even know I had, and has led me to serving hundreds of women in my therapy practice.”


I remember calling my co-worker crying the hardest I had ever cried on the way home from what I knew would be the day I decided to quit my job as a Therapist and Cast Manager at the men’s prison. I had been there for almost 9 months, and was operating on fumes. I can still recall saying to her, “Why is this environment so toxic? All it does is drag me down.” Her response, “Girl, I don’t even know but I am so, so sorry.”

When I first started working at the prison I was eager, willing to learn, and wanted to be challenged again in my career. By that time, I had worked in several other arenas of social work and mental health and found myself ready for something new, something different. Different is what I got.

My mind travels back to my naive nature when I started there. I remember walking through the prison yard with my supervisor at the time and saying, “Wow, this kinda reminds me of the yard scene in Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Ever heard of that show?” FACEPALM. Thank God she chuckled at that. It cracks me up to think I would actually say that! I have zero shame and it was the closest reference I had to what prison life would be like.

Following that day, I would go through some of the most trying days of my career; I learned so much. I have always been a light bringer…I’m a person that desires to bring out the best within everyone I meet. I do believe that I was able to do that in this setting. However, I’m quite sure that I didn’t need to work there in order to accomplish that. Slowly, I realized over my time there that the light inside of me was dimming. I was a different Topsie…angrier, always on edge, anxiety on 100 constantly, and constantly on guard. All of those things are so not me. I realized that this was not what God intended for me long term. I felt lost and remember feeling like, “What happened? Did I just completely blow it?” I didn’t know what was next for me, all I knew that this wasn’t it. No ma’am!

 Then, one day, I received THAT phone call.

It was an offer from my friend’s mother to come and interview for a position as a therapist at their group private practice. I always thought that private practice was some far off dream, one where I was set in retirement, possibly near death, and just seeing 3 clients a week for the heck of it (hilarious I know but this is truly how I saw private practice and working for myself, LOL).

This phone call might not have seemed like a big deal at the time but it changed the trajectory of my life. This, my friend, was a God thing. Truly. It uncovered so many dreams I didn’t even know I had, and has led me to serving hundreds of women in my therapy practice. And now, in a different capacity, I work with female entrepreneurs in my coaching practice.



what’s the moral of this story?

That the #1 ‘mistake’ you make in your career, could end up being the one thing that needed to happen, to bring you that one step closer to where He wants you to be. If you think you’ve blown His plan for your life, think again. You just ain’t that powerful, my friend.

Take it easy,