How I Slayed 2018

Girl, I can’t believe that Christmas is over and we are already at New Years Eve. It’s been amazing year. I love doing a little reflection at the end of the year. I feel like it helps set goals for the next year and allows you to celebrate the past 365 days. Make a list of how you slayyyed the last year and let me know some of the highlights!


Hi New Years Eve!

What did you slay in 2018?

I slay, okay, all day…

Conquered my fear of flying! I flew more than 10x this year alone.⁣⁣

Launched my second biz as a Mindset Coach. Exciting things comin in 2019 so stay tuned boothangs!⁣⁣

Worked with four amazing coaches this year, and met allll of these babes in person...I see u @katecrocco@kelschapman @isabella.guava and @melanie_morton!⁣⁣

I was able to take advantage of the amazing opportunities to be interviewed on some amazing podcasts; @angieleeshow@kelschapman@truejoyrevolution@balancedbitespodcast@roomtogrowpodcast to name a few (and many more coming in 2018)!⁣

Met some amazing babes, such as @ashleywierenga@currentlykherington@ditea@subversivesass@isabella.guava@evelynhuynhfitness@charleneizere@theslaycoach⁣⁣

My husband and I were able to travel to Italy this summer, and I traveled with my sis @ms.abisola to Ecuador earlier this year to visit our youngest sis...⁣⁣

💃🏻 All that to say: I SLAYED 2018. No regrets. 2019, WHADDUP? Lez do thissss⁣...⁣lemme know what you slayed in 2018 my loves! 👇🏿