How Guilt Is Holding You Back In Biz

There are specific ways that guilt can make it’s way in and keep you from achieving goals in your biz. You ready?

Have been giving a lot of thought to the concept of guilt and how it can negatively affect our businesses. Here are 3 ways to be on the look out for:

1. You could be operating your business from a place of toxic guilt. This is an underlying feeling that you’re always doing something wrong. This could be rooted in anything from religion to the way you were raised. It’s a problem because it gives you the mindset that you are never enough.

2. Guilt from investing in yourself which is connected to money. Might be guilt about spending too much or feeling frivolous because to spend money on your business is to spend money on you. This leads to a vicious cycle of guilt not to mention an unhealthy relationship with finances.

3. Guilt which leads to not charging enough or even giving things away because we don’t feel our services are enough as they are.

Can you relate to this? Where do you see feelings of guilt holding you back in your entrepreneurial journey? Lemme know boo.