Client Testimonial | Melanie Brown

Buckle up and get ready Mindset Reset Intensive testimony! I continue to be inspired by these sessions because I get to meet motivated, talented women who are killing it in their space and just wanting to take things to the next level.



Melanie Brown is the spunk, life, and knowledge behind Bliss and Vigor.

Where was your mindset before we had our intensive? What was going on for you?
Before the Mindset Reset, I was lost on what direction to go and wanted to give up all together. I wanted to find some clarity on why it was that I wasn't succeeding to the point in which I wanted to be. I had a semi-successful personal training business that could only be referred to as a "side hustle" because I wasn't making nearly as much as I could be (and now am!).

How are you feeling right now?
I do feel like I still have a long way to get to the point I'd like to be at, but the breakthroughs that I discovered with Topsie along the way have gotten me WAY further than I would have been otherwise! I've been able to switch my position in my niche to being a service for others instead of just doing things for "the fun of it"- which if you're spending lots of time on something and reaping no benefits whatsoever, let me tell ya, IT AIN'T FUN!

What are two takeaways that have stuck with you from the session?
The first takeaway from my session was how I subconsciously get very stressed out due to a lack of consistency. I always thought I was a go-with-the-flow type of girl, but I was wrong! If my schedule gets shifted out of my control too often, I am left feeling uncomfortable and anxious. Secondly, she mentioned creating myself something to reference when I was trying to execute a new idea. I wrote a lift of bad things that came from a decision and all of the good things. Needless to say there aren't that many (if any) bad things that came out of my efforts to just go for it! It's a great way to help me keep on trucking and following through with my creative business ideas!

What action are you going to take?
ALLLLL THE ACTION! That's the thing! I wasn't taking any action at all and now, even if the action isn't perfected and many hours haven't been spent on it yet, I put it out there! It's not about perfection, it's about taking the chances and jumping in with both feet - never just one!

How will this intensive impact the money you can make in your business?
It already has! With the confidence I gained from my Mindset Reset I was able to accomplish a lot of the things I was too scared to do before, but that always been on my to-do list! I went out and called the potential clients I knew I may get business from because I was no longer scared of what that looked like. I wholeheartedly believe in my product and stand behind my mission. Because of this, I was able to sign on a 4x/week client on the spot! WOW was this a bump in revenue! I plan to continue down this path and recruit more and more women who are looking to change their lives for the better. I want to be the go-to for my ideal clients (whom which I was able to also narrow down in my session w/ Topsie). I can't say enough good things. She is bomb. com and one of the most positive, influential people I've EVER met!!!!

A special thank you to Melanie for sharing her experience. I can’t wait to see how this session helps her grow and THRIVE in her biz. It’s your turn. Who’s ready to say goodbye to being mediocre and hello to living in to the boss babe you are?