Client Testimonial | Andrea Kerbuski

I’m back with another client Mindset Reset Intensive testimony! I love the fact that part of my job allows me to connect with so many talented clients from different lines of work.



Andrea Kerbuski is the personality and style behind the blog Blonde Bedhead.

Where was your mindset before we had our intensive? What was going on for you?
Before our session, I was overwhelmed, directionless and focused on negative thoughts, and letting those thoughts hold me back. I felt stretched thin, pulling myself in too many directions and not sure where or how to focus my efforts. 

What are two takeaways that have stuck with you from the session?
I took A LOT from the session and the top two takeaways were: reframing negative thoughts and to set firmer boundaries to invest in myself. Hearing Topsie articulate how I should reframe my thoughts and find empowerment from my past and some difficult decisions helped put things in better perspective. I also heard some tough love that I needed to hear that I need to pass on to set boundaries for myself and others to further invest in ME. Topsie was able to peel back layers and find out exactly what was holding me back, things I didn't even see for myself.

How will this intensive impact the money you can make/potentially make in your business?
I now have a clear direction of what I need to do next and how I need to do it to make more money and that focus alone will help me increase client work and income. I also have a plan now on how to address self-doubt that holds me back and by reminding myself of my skill and experience, I can find more confidence in pricing my services and setting boundaries around those as well.

Thanks to the lovely Andrea for sharing this feedback and allowing me to help contribute to her story in this way. Who else is ready? Who’s ready to level up? To make bank in their business? To stop living in the status quo and thrive instead? Inspired?