Not Feeling Confident in Your Biz? Here's 4 Reasons Why

Girl, you know I always tell you the truth.

There are so many things that we often don’t recognize we are doing wrong when it comes to our business as female entrepreneurs. And often, just making these small shifts below could be the difference between crickets and applause:

  1. You haven’t done the research enough to see what your audience wants. You haven’t polled your audience, asked them questions, asked friends, you just decided to start and do something cuz you felt like it. The way to figure this out is to do those above things, plus see what the top trending businesses are in the industry, via podcasts, whats trending on instagram, blog articles, etc. Do a google search. DO THE WORK. So you can feel confident.

  2. You are listening to everyone elses’ advice, but you’re not taking the time to listen to your own thoughts. Tune in, instead of “out.” Trust yourself. Trust your gut. Stop scrolling. Take timed social media breaks if you need to. What is it that you TRULY  want to do? What lights you up?

  3. You’re chasing quick money. You’re possibly only focusing on the end result, and not on the process. Babyyyyy, you gotta focus on your process. Refine it. Find what works and what doesn’t. Be open to HELPFUL CRITICISM FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE IT. IE. Coaches. Business mentors. Business owners. Who have successful companies. Find your passion. And the money will come…

  4. You care too much about what others think. We all like to say we don’t, but we do. And what we end up carrying is this knapsack of alll the shitty comments people have ever said to us, and we blame it on “but that’s family. But that friend really cares.” Etc. all excuses. No one I have ever cared about have I said anything shitty to them about their business ideas. There’s a healthy care about what others think (because that’s how the world goes round) but then theres unhealthy caring, where your decisions are based purely on what other people think is a good idea.


Just making these small shifts below could be the difference between crickets and applause…

 There you got it. No fluff. Just loving truth. How did this sit with you? Was it what you needed? Tell ya girl below!