10 Tips For Living Your Fullest Life By 30

I’m coming for you 30.

What a hell of a year it’s been. I’m so glad you guys have rode it with me. So, with a Mai Tai in my hand, sittin’ poolside in Hawaii with my husbae and my trusty sunhat, imma give you 10 tips on living your fullest life by 30:

1. Travel as much as you can. If have no desire to travel-then Lord have mercy, AT LEAST LEARN ABOUT OTHER CULTURES THAN YOUR OWN.

2. Did I mention I have no patience for ignorance? Or racism, sexism, homophobia, legalism in religion, discrimination...the PATRIARCHY. Let’s strive to be beautiful humans, shall we?

3. Find a career, job, or side hustle that you love. Find your passion, then the money will follow. Strive to make a difference in this world.

4. Don’t let the interwebs rush you into making decisions out of fear...FOMO, whatever. Go at your own pace.


6. Love is love is love. It has no skin color, race, or religion. My husband is a beautiful, sexy, Dutch/Italian man and an honorary Nigerian-my family loves him and treats him like their own.

7. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish something. Eff them. You were born for greatness. You were created for such a huge purpose.

8. Be proud of your culture. Culture and diversity is such a beautiful thing and I aim to highlight these women in this coaching space.

9. Anxiety/depression is real, and sometimes natural remedies don’t work. It doesn’t mean you’re broken. There’s no shame in reaching out, and talking to your doctor and other people in your life about your options. You are not alone.

10. Find your tribe and love them HARD. Get rid of the ones who don’t see you for who you truly are or allow their jealousy to get in the way of being a good friend to you. Drop em’. Okurrr? *Cardi B voice*

I’m coming for you 30…

Topsie Vandenbosch