About Me

My name is Topsie and I’m a mindset coach. I work with female entrepreneurs who are struggling with negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves as business owners. These women are ready to lead their business with fearless confidence and make a bigger impact, but don’t quite know how to do it. Girl, let me tell you, it starts with your mindset.

Let me tell you a little bit about my story and how I got here…

I remember as I was building my first business, a mental health therapy practice, I was told by many people in the field that I should forget about being able to build a thriving mental health therapy practice in a year. They shared that it would take at least two years to have a full caseload. I remember thinking that was crazy. Then, I saw for myself how much effort it took; how clients don’t come knocking at your door if you aren’t putting yourself out there. Until I started asking for help, finding my ideal clients, and where they were hanging out I was seeing an average of eight clients a week for at least two months. Girl, I don’t know how I kept the doors open, but I did.


I hired a coach. I talked to mentors in the field. I stopped telling negative friends and people details about my business (because people are nosey boo, and don’t always want what’s best for you). I put myself out there in the community and let people know that I was accepting new clients. Slowly but surely, I had a full practice and a thriving business…with a waitlist in eight months. That’s where my passion for coaching female entrepreneurs was born. I knew I wanted to help other women, like me, who were building their business, to have a healthy mindset (which includes having confidence, clarity, improved self-esteem, as well as a healthy relationship with money). These are the areas I struggled with at first…the ones that I had to fumble through and figure out. Eventually, I made it through, but I want for you to have a healthier mindset sooner than I did.

Now, let’s get back to what I do. I help you identify and replace negative thoughts, feelings, and self-sabotaging behaviors with grace filled truth, confidence, and positive beliefs to keep you moving closer business dreams. With seven years of experience in the human services field, my skillset makes me a shoo-in for understanding just how important a healthy mindset is to running your biz, and your life overall.

The reason why I added business mindset coaching as another facet of my business comes from my belief that women are a powerful force when we help each other. I realized that I wanted to be able to serve women in another big way. I want to remind female entrepreneurs (who may have forgotten) of their God-given talent and abilities. My heart is to empower these women with the tools to navigate the mindset blocks that will be present throughout their entrepreneurial journey. I was born to be in the helping field. It’s my mission, it’s my calling, and I want to serve you.

These days, after serving my clients, you can find me relaxing/binging some new episode of the newest international murder mystery series on Netflix with the husbae (do you like how I did that) and making sure I reset my mindset for the next day. That’s what matters in life: taking care of yourself so that you can be your best version of yourself around your loved ones.

Stay awhile,